10 Best Laptop Brands [2023 List]

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In today’s world, we’ve prevailed far by making the possession of technological devices commonplace. While smartphones, tablets, and smartphones are essential, you can’t go a day without a laptop.

When it comes to working on projects, research, gaming, editing pictures, and so on, the use of a laptop knows no bounds.

Amidst all this necessity of laptops, the number of brands is increasing day by day as well. Hence, it’s common to come across a dilemma and wonder which ones are the best laptop brands out there.

Since it’s getting harder to choose the best ones, we’ve made a list of the best of the best brands of laptops available in the market right now. To see our top picks and help yourself choose one, read on.

Best Laptop Brands 

In our daily essentials, the laptop takes away one of the highest ranks on the list. In a world that’s on the cutting edge of technology, you can’t go a day without a laptop. And for that reason, you’ll find endless options of laptops on the market.

However, among all these options and varieties, how do you choose the best laptop brand? How do you know which ones are the better option?

As it can get overwhelming to choose, we’ve shortlisted the 10 best laptop brands that will not disappoint you whatsoever.

Number of employees
Consumer series
Gaming series
dell logo
February 1, 1984
Round Rock, Texas, US
Personal computers, servers, smartphones, TVs, peripherals
XPS, Inspiron
Alienware, G Series
asus logo
2 April, 1989
Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Personal computers, monitors, projectors, motherboards, graphics cards, peripherals, wearables, servers, workstations
ZenBook, VivoBook, ExpertBook
TUF Gaming, ROG Gaming
lenovo logo
1 November, 1984
Hong Kong
Personal computers, smartphones, servers, supercomputers, peripherals, printers, televisions
ThinkPad, ThinkBook, IdeaPad
hp logo
2 July, 1939
Palo Alto, California
Computer hardware, computer software, IT services
Pavilion, EliteBook, Envy
apple logo
1 April, 1976
California, US
Smartphones, laptops, tablets, peripherals
acer logo
1 August, 1976
Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan
Laptops, monitors, desktop PCs, and projectors
Aspire, Swift
Nitro, Predator
msi logo
4 August, 1986
Zhonghe, New Taipei, Taiwan
Personal computers, motherboards, graphics cards, PC components, peripherals, monitors
Creator Series
GT Titan, GE Raider, GS Stealth

1. Apple 

Apple tops the game of technological devices when it comes to gadgets like laptops. This luxurious brand was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976 and still prevails to this day.

Mac OS is error-free, secure, authentic and open to storing information in the Apple laptop, which is a common issue for traditional brands.

Along with its outstanding internal input, Apple laptops like the MacBook air m1 or apple MacBook air provide you with an extremely user-friendly design.

The displays are always HD, and the build quality is always smooth for its top-quality hardware- making it one of the best laptops.

Moreover, apple laptops offer excellent customer support. MacBook air m1 users will enjoy a free customer support service for 90days, which is almost a dream come true for many laptop users. As a result of this, you can always rely on their services and advice.

With more than 120,000 employees working under them, Apple is deemed as one of the best laptop manufacturing companies out there.

  • Improved performance with exceptional baseline models
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Soothing to the eye as it supports all types of color reproduction
  • Excellent customer care
  • Spectacular design and build quality
  • Very fast and responsive
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not upgradable
  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Port selection is limited

Compare HP with other brands:

2. HP

It’s hard to complain about HP, which is also known as Hewlett-Packard. Being relevant for a long time, HP is one of the largest prevailing electronics companies to exist, which provides us with the best laptops out there.

HP is largely known for its reliability as a company. Not only do they provide us with a variety of electronic devices but also the ones that are packed with quality build, which we can rely on.

Even though HP’s reputation has been going up and down in the spectrum in the past, you can rest assured that its laptops are one of the best ones in terms of reliable devices.

Laptops by this brand are highly preferred by professionals and gamers all over the globe as it’s a gaming laptop and has high-core intel graphics, technical specs, and design.

It’s also one of the best laptops suitable for students and is known as one of the top leading manufacturing companies.

They’ve raised the bar by introducing detachable 2-in-1s, gaming specs, fanless sections, high-quality workstations, and basic workable notebooks all in one device.

Moreover, their recent lineup, Omen, Zbook, and Spectre, has impressed people all over the world as they offer the best fascinating features and build in terms of affordability. This convenience enables every student to use this brand effectively.

Other than that, HP has never disappointed in customer services as well. You can save your laptop from some serious issues as they provide a three-year comprehensive warranty.

  • Travel friendly for lightweight and compact design
  • A reliable and solid build
  • Available in all price ranges
  • Provides reliable customer care
  • High-end laptops come with proactive AMOLED screens
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Some models have a poor battery life

Compare HP with other brands:

3. Dell

If you love using all the Microsoft software without a point of issue, then Dell is your ideal pick. All the laptops built by Dell are not on-budget-friendly side, but extremely convenient in terms of design, power, and long battery life.

With Straightforward design, Dell provided a build that’s usable by almost everyone. Their hardware is easy to understand and takes away a lot of slimy issues a laptop faces for its powerful structure.

Dell Technologies even placed 34 on the list of Fortune 500 in 2019. Whilst providing a wide range of laptops, they’re best known for long-term usage and durability.

This feature alone supports people who need the best gaming laptops, best business laptops, editing laptops, and even affordable laptops.

And when it comes to fair prices, professional design, a light laptop, and credible support, Dell stands as the best Windows laptop.

Their three series, Alienware, XPS, and Inspiron, are bomb droppers if you’re looking for a long-lasting laptop screen with high-end usage that too with affordable prices and the best battery life-making it one of the best laptops.

Not to mention, Dell keeps impressing us by covering all the latest features like a fantastic backlit keyboard, powerful processors, touch screens, and excellent battery life. To top it off, they’ve also received the best-selling laptop tag in the year 2020 as well.

  • Professional and modern design that suits various users
  • Consent introductions of upgraded and innovative models
  • A wide range of lightweight and portable laptops
  • Excellent technical support
  • Satisfying 16:10 screen ratio
  • No additional kits or gifts are offered
  • The simplistic design and build aren’t preferred by some people

Compare Dell with other brands:


When it comes to the best affordable and budget laptops with excellent builds, ASUS laptops come first in the line.

ASUS is a multinational electronics and hardware company based in Taiwan. It was first created in 1989 with a dedication to creating smart devices and still stands on its agenda to this day.

What stands out ASUS from other brands is their powerful and promising motherboards. For their high-end motherboards, their laptops are eligible for powerful gaming and editing- making them one-of-a-kind gaming laptops.

This brand is famous for its reliable gadgets that come with segmentation and most of the most budget-friendly machines.

Some of its examples are its mini Chromebooks and gaming laptops, which come at the most affordable prices.

Apart from that, their recent modern laptops like ASUS Zenbook 13 come with the most spectacular designs, which consist of a 1080p screen resolution and excellent battery life.

It’ll last you up to more than 4 hours despite being an extremely affordable laptop.

Among their popular gaming laptops, there’s ASUS ROG and TUF series which are among the most powerful gaming laptops.

These lineups are excellent and unbelievably powerful laptops when it comes to gaming specs and making them one of the best gaming laptops.

Not to mention, ASUS also dedicates its importance to technical support and customer care. You can reach out to them via calls, live chats, emails, and physical shops.

They also offer accidental damage protection, security regimes, and customer care according to the customer’s benefit-making. It is one of the best laptops.

  • Extremely versatile model range
  • Strong security and malware protection plans
  • TUF and ROG series are perfect for gaming
  • Offers dual-screen laptops for productivity
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Old models are bulky and heavy

Compare Asus with other brands:

5. Lenovo

With one of the leading and premium lineups, Lenovo has stood out as one of the most reputable brands in the market. It was first established in 1984 based in Beijing and quickly launched in the market as a computer-based company.

Whether it’s professional gamers or college students, or even business professionals, the laptops from Lenovo are up for all kinds of work.

With premium building and strong structure, Lenovo comes on par with the Dell and HP company and is deemed as one of the best laptop brands.

Besides gaming laptops and business laptops, they’ve also manufactured groundbreaking smartphones, desktops, projectors, and monitors.

In terms of audio quality, video editing, touchpad, keyboard display, and graphics, they stand out quite a much among the crowd of the best laptops.

Not to mention, they have a spectacular design, which emphasizes powerful and flexible design like Lenovo Thinkpad x1. And They also introduced one of the most incredible portable series, which is the Yoga and Flex series.

Not to mention, they offer long battery life, which enables you to work hourly anywhere outside of your house. However, all these premium features come in pricey ranges and do not stand in the line of a low-budget laptop.

But on a better note, they offer excellent features with amazing customer service. You’ll enjoy a dedicated team who specializes in advising just for the Lenovo laptops.

They also offer warranty cards, telephonic interface services, seamless resolution, and solutions to your gadget’s issues.

  • Durable hardware components
  • Excellent customer service
  • Perfect for work
  • Suitable for high-end gaming
  • The design can be bland or too simplistic

Compare Lenovo with other brands:

6. Razer

With outstanding gaming features and a powerful structure, Razer established its reign in the market in 2005, dedicating its revolutionary turn to the gaming industry.

Even though they have varieties of products and electronics, they’re mostly known for their amazing laptops.

The overall gaming experience and graphics performance have drastically been improved since Razer introduced their laptops. They feature a wide range of laptops that are compatible with both work and play games.

Composed with the newest technologies, they input the best-integrated graphics with high-resolution displays on their laptops.

Razer simply doesn’t design laptops for basic uses. They emphasize screen sizes, resolutions, and, most importantly, integrated graphics for making gaming 10x times more fun and realistic. They also have a lineup of gaming mouse that supports all kinds of professional gamers.

Moreover, their strength relies on a strong structure, discrete GPU, colorful system, and eye-catching color catalogs on their laptops, unlike a traditional laptop. Their improved discrete graphics installation and high-end resolution explain their pricey tags.

However, Razer’s always fast and responsive when it comes to technical support. They’re quick in helping their customers when in need and provide actionable solutions to the stumbled problems.

  • Best gaming specs in most of the models
  • Powerful hardware build
  • Fast and responsive technical support
  • Expensive
  • Some models come with low storage

7. Acer

Acer is an advanced electronics Taiwanese company that specializes in devices like laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

It’s best known for its extremely affordable and cheap laptops- making it the best budget laptop. Despite being affordable, they have a decent build and structure.

With multiple ranges and prices, there are all kinds of laptops available in the market that come from Acer.

They’re also one of the largest electronics manufacturing companies that ship worldwide. It’s an extremely convenient and suitable option if you’re low on budget and looking for a cheap laptop that’ll float your boat.

They also have a lineup of varieties of products and model ranges that are available in the market. Moreover, they also offer an extended and commendable battery and a windows laptop life despite the price tag, which makes it the best affordable laptop.

They’re cheap and affordable to the point that you can get a decent laptop that ranges from $150 and above. That’s quite less compared to the laptops of all the other brands.

Aside from all the varieties of gadgets, they offer satisfactory customer service. Their services consist of physical working stations, social media networks, emails, and live chats.

  • Wide range of laptops and components
  • One of the best brands for budget laptops
  • Keeps up well with innovation
  • Eligible for gaming
  • Feels low quality
  • Poor warranty management

Compare Acer with other brands:

Acer vs Lenovo

8. MSI 

MSI is a Taiwanese company that stands for Micro-Star International. They mainly specialize in making computer hardware like graphic cards, laptops desktops, and motherboards.

MSI is one of the premium laptop brands when it comes to gaming laptops. They’ve established their name as one of the most notable brands in gaming by introducing their successful high-end hardware for PC that also supports their other laptops.

They highly emphasize the gaming requirements, which consist of high graphics, cooling fans, SSD storage, and improved performance in gaming. These laptops are so eligible that they’ve become a recognized brand in the eSports community.

This brand has reached a milestone by constantly introducing improved graphics cards, notebooks, laptops, and PCs with unbelievable quality. In terms of design, they’re open to taking risks and going one step higher by installing innovations and technologies.

One of their most convenient and impressive products is their notebook, as most of them contain high-performing graphics cards. However, for all these high-end features, MSI laptops are highly expensive and might be unaffordable to some.

However, they do offer extensive customer support that’s open 24/7. Almost all their gadgets have a positive review, which is a rare occasion for a lot of electronics manufacturing companies.

  • Powerful hardware for gaming and work
  • Suitable for professional gaming
  • An extraordinary set of trackers and sensors
  • Highly expensive
  • Heavy and bulky design

Compare MSI with other brands:

9. Microsoft

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the Microsoft Surface is an American multinational company that was first established in 1975.

Later this brand of the laptop became the most dominant laptop company in terms of a flawless and flexible computer operating system.

While exploring software applications and systems, Microsoft eventually started to introduce its line of laptops, notebooks, and tablets.

As Microsoft’s Windows are one of the most wanted operating systems, they’ve forecasted outstanding work by introducing their high-performing laptops. 

With Microsoft Windows 10, these laptops come with high-performing specs as well. It’s also best known for bringing out a variation of Windows-centric software-hardware cohesion into the build. Not to mention, they also offer outstanding surface-to-surface branded gadgets.

Speaking about record-breaking products, their new lined Surface Go has pleased many. Moreover, they’ve also introduced Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 2, which offer high battery support and aesthetics.

With above 120,000 employees working under Microsoft, they offer decent customer care and offer warranty cards, free tolls, and even 90-day free customer coverage services.

  • Ultralight, sleek design
  • High-performance
  • Offers 90-day free trial security and warranty
  • Narrow model range

10. Samsung

Samsung is known by all when it comes to smartphones, earbuds, tablets, televisions, and refrigerators. As they’re one of the most influential brands out there, they didn’t stand back when it came to laptops.

Some of their notable laptop lineups consist of the Notebook 9, Notebook Odyssey, Galaxy Books, and Notebook Flash. Furthermore, they’ve also introduced a line of Chromebooks as well.

Even though they do not have a wide array of customers for laptops, they did not hold back in designing their laptops with great specifications and convenient design.

Samsung is one of the brands that always excel in their tech support. With excellent offers and services, this brand will break down solutions to your technical problems at the tip of a simple call.

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Good value for money deals
  • Most models come with aluminum chassis
  • Poor battery life
  • Upgraded models do not come with warranties

How to Choose the Best Laptop?

When it comes to choosing the best laptop from the market, it can get overwhelming, considering there are so many options. To make it easier for you, here are some of the points you should keep in mind to land your hands on the best laptop-

Operating System

Operating systems make a huge difference when it comes to premium laptops. Depending on your work or preferred choice, you choose one operating system. There are three operating systems in total: macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS.

For instance, macOS is the operating system that’s installed in MacBooks (By Apple). They come with a smooth interface with apps docked below the screen and digital assistants like Siri. They’re also possible to link with all your other Apple devices.

Whereas for Windows, you’ll enjoy dual graphics chips with fingerprint sensors. They also with features like a flagship, switch modes between devices, improvement follow-ups, syncs, and a digital assistant named Cortana.

On the other hand, Chrome OS-based laptops come from Google and have multiple features like drag and drop, changes between devices, navigating social networks, web surfs, and good battery life.

Depending on your work and preference, you are to choose the operating system that suits your field best.

Select Your Preferred Specs

Always look out for the internal components of your laptop. For example-

  • If the CPU build has a huge influence or not.
  • What generation your processor comes in.
  • How much ram does that laptop has to offer? Anywhere between 16-32, GM is a good option.
  • Look for a good speed of the SSD drive or SD card slot. 
  • See if your display is HD and of eligible size or not. 
  • Determine if it has a touch screen facility. 
  • Look out for the graphics card input.
  • See whether it has multiple ports of connectivity. Having multiple ports helps majorly with drives and external surfaces. 

Check Battery Life Capacity

No matter what, do not avoid the battery life capacity of your laptop. If you constantly work on laptops, look for one that offers a 7-8hours time of battery life capacity, which is one of the best battery life a new laptop has to offer.

Read third-party objectives and manuals to determine the battery expectancy. 

Keep the Brand in Check

Keeping the laptop brand in check is a huge part of choosing the best one. All brands do not offer the same facilities.

Brand name and reputation offer a wide range of gadgets, customer services, reliability, and most importantly, trust. Therefore, try to choose a renowned brand that has a good reputation.

Sort Out Your Budget

Without sorting out your budget, you can’t manage a good laptop. Even though some laptops like ASUS, Dell, and HP offer affordable price ranges, they’re not extremely cheap.

Therefore, sort out your budget and add a bit more extra to your bucket if you feel like you want a better output.

Final Words

Choosing a suitable laptop out of the best laptop brands isn’t as easy as it seems. For being abundant in the market, it can get confusing to choose “the one.”

Hence, to clear your confusion, we’ve covered the above list, which consists of the best laptop brands that’ll never let you down.

You can choose one of these brands according to your preference by keeping your eyes closed and having a great experience while working on them.

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