Acer vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

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Buyers often make their purchasing decisions based on a brand’s reputation. It is often difficult to make this decision, especially when comparing two laptop brands.

As the laptop industry constantly evolves, understanding every detail and comparing brands is the only way to make the best choice. As we compare Acer vs. Dell laptops, we hope to help you figure out which laptop will be most suitable for your needs and budget.

About Acer Laptops

In 1976, Acer was founded, an incredibly old company for laptops. Customers greatly trust this Taiwanese company. Not only does this company sell laptops, but it also sells tablets and other products. Acer’s electronic devices run very smoothly and are extremely fast.

Over the years, Acer has not only established a strong client base but has also provided outstanding service to its customers. The company’s laptops and computers are known worldwide and have become household names.

About Dell Laptops

One of the first brands that come to mind when considering a new Windows laptop is Dell. But Dell’s laptops are also distinguished by their high quality and distinctive specifications.

Dell laptops are better than other laptops for activities like gaming and less challenging tasks that don’t require a high level of performance. If you intend to use Dell laptops heavily, they are a good choice.

There is a greater likelihood of Dell laptops having AMD processors, especially the cheaper models. Alienware played a key role in Dell’s foray into the gaming market. 

There are a variety of processors available on the market, such as the i7 and i9, in these laptops. If you need a laptop for editing graphics or designing graphics, then it is hard to beat the Dell XPS series. One of the most popular products offered by this company is PCs and laptops. 

It is without a doubt one of the most difficult competitions. Dell has every kind of laptop you could ever want. They offer a variety of features at an affordable price.

Acer vs. Dell – Head-to-Head Comparison

With Acer’s wide range of inexpensive and innovative laptops, you won’t be disappointed. Value for money is Acer’s biggest strength – it’s a name you can trust for great features at a low price.

There is a reputation among Dell customers that their laptops are reliable and robust, and they have features that are comparable to their prices. Besides offering great deals and a large variety of models, Dell is a reliable brand.

Dell’s best overall quality remains, but Acer is also a contender for affordability and innovation. In terms of performance, and overall quality, Dell ranks higher. Despite not being known for its affordability, Dell produces high-quality products.

We recommend the 2-in-1 convertible, touchscreen laptop Dell Inspiron 14 as the best pick from the company. The device is one of the most versatile, comfortable, and environment-friendly devices available.

Gaming Laptops 

There are many gaming laptops from Acer that offer good value. A low to midrange specification Nitro 5 gives you an entry-level gaming experience with less demanding games. The Nitro 5 starts at just under $800 and features a 15.6 inches HD screen.

In contrast to its higher-priced counterparts, it comes with 256GB SSD storage and a 60Hz refresh rate. As an affordable starting point, this is a good deal for the money. An Acer mid-tier model, the ideal choice is the Predator Helios 300. 

This device has a bright, smooth display and strong performance. However, this laptop has a poorly designed bottom-mounted speaker and a short battery life. 

The Dell G Series sells for a lower to middle price range than its predecessor Alienware, which Dell acquired in 2006. Dell’s cheapest gaming line is the G15, priced at around $1,000.

There aren’t many differences in specs between the cheapest G15 and the Acer Nitro 5. Core i5-11400H is a faster processor in the G15 than Core i5-10300H in the Nitro 5.

Business Laptops

Acer Swift 3 is an ideal laptop for business use. Featuring a Ryzen processor and 13.5-inch display, the Acer Swift 3 is an inexpensive, low-to-midrange laptop available for around $600. 

The device works fine for emailing, making calls, and general multitasking. This laptop features Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt, normally found on more expensive laptops. 

Windows 10 Home comes pre-installed on the lower-spec models, and you can upgrade it for around $99 if you wish. Two speakers are built into the bottom of the device, but they are of mediocre quality, which is expected for the price. 

In addition, Dell offers a wide range of business laptops such as the XPS, Vostro, and Inspiron. Starting at around $400, the Inspiron 15 model comes with high-class specs. 

HDMI is the only port available on this device, as Ethernet and Thunderbolt connectivity is only available on more expensive models. Inspiron 15 can be a far more affordable alternative if you don’t necessarily need Acer Swift 3. Plus, it has a bigger screen.

Studying Laptops

There are two Windows laptops from Acer, the Aspire 3 and the Aspire 5, that you can use as a studying laptop. You can choose between Intel or AMD processors on both laptops. The Aspire 3 has entirely plastic, whereas Aspire 5 laptops have aluminum cases.

They both include Bluetooth connectivity and a range of ports. It is both an excellent choice if you want to email, surf the web, and watch movies. At $850, the Dell XPS 13 offers a 17-inch screen and an Intel i7 processor. 

Aside from the aluminum casing, a carbon fiber palm rest also lends a sense of elegance to this laptop. Starting at $800 with an Intel i5 processor, the Dell Inspiron laptop features a screen and a keyboard that is also an ideal option for students. 

Budget Laptops

Dell laptops generally cost more than similar models from other brands due to the reputation the company has built over the years. Dell notebooks are more expensive than Acer notebooks when compared head-to-head

Despite that, you can still get a medium-range Dell laptop for a reasonable price, even if you’re on a budget. Acer is primarily known for its budget-friendly products. Its products might interest consumers who cannot afford a premium brand like Dell. 

In other words, if you’re on a budget and are looking to buy a new laptop, Acer models are an excellent choice since they are generally more affordable than Dell models.

Although Acer laptops are affordable, their high-quality design and construction don’t reflect their low-price tags. In addition, Acer offers several gaming laptops and work-oriented laptops at steeper prices. As a whole, Acer offers a wide range of laptops in the $500 to $1000 price range.


In my opinion, Acer laptops will appeal to those seeking a beautifully designed laptop with eccentric properties. The design of Acer laptops isn’t that bad, just plain and simplistic. 

Some models are available in black, blue, or gray, while most are generic silver. We can also view the overall design of Acer and Dell laptops as similar, with both sticking to a relatively simplistic design.

 Neither brand implements new features as many other laptop manufacturers do. Therefore, there is no difference between the two brands. Dell laptops have a minimalistic style, designed primarily for students and businesspeople. 

Unlike some gaming brands, Dell’s Alienware brand appears to be an exception to this rule. As usual, Alienware laptops are innovative and feature extraterrestrial themes.

Build Quality & Hardware

In addition to having high-quality construction and reliable hardware components, Dell laptops also come with long-lasting battery life. Most Dell laptops have Intel processors, but AMD processors are also available. 

Some laptops have graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD, but most have integrated graphics. In addition to this, Dell laptops have sufficient storage for the average consumer. 

SSD storage space generally ranges between 256GB and 512GB on notebooks. In the case of Dell laptops with several storage options, you have a few options that offer at least 2TB.

Apart from that, Acer laptops have a lower build quality than Dell laptops, one of the most obvious downsides. The build quality will vary depending on the model of Acer laptops. 

Generally, the build quality of cheaper laptops is inferior to that of more expensive ones. The quality of Acer’s hardware components, however, is unmatched. SSD storage space comes standard with laptops which range from 256GB to 512GB. 

Furthermore, there are also options with storage sizes of 128GB and 1TB. Graphics cards and processors come from various manufacturers, including Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.


It’s easy to notice the underwhelming performance of most Acer laptops when comparing them directly to Dell medium-range laptops. With most Acer laptops, you’ll get up to 8GB of RAM, but that’s not overly impressive.

Acer has a range of more powerful laptops that deliver better performance than their general laptops for consumers. Acer Predator gaming laptops typically have 64GB of RAM and other impressive performance characteristics. 

Dell laptops are fast and reliable in this regard. The laptop options will vary depending on whether you choose one from the Business or Home line.


Consumers prefer Dell laptops because they are among the most durable models available. Dell laptops are more durable than Acer laptops, although they don’t last as long as HP or Asus laptops. 

Dell laptop models typically last five years, but this can vary depending on the model. Acer’s laptops have a high level of durability, but not as much as Dell’s. 

If we disregard faulty units, Acer’s notebooks will stand the test of time for three to five years before deteriorating. You can expect good durability from Acer laptops, but they aren’t quite as reliable and long-lasting as Dell machines.

Customer Service & Warranty

Dell offers more support options than Acer, especially for business laptops. Dell’s customer support is generally regarded as being better than Acer. Acer and Dell both extend their 1-year warranties to a maximum of 4 years, and Dell’s warranty is less expensive and includes onsite service.


Which is better, Acer or Dell?

Acer offers an extensive range of affordable and innovative laptops. Acer is renowned for having great features at a low price. Dell customers vouch for the reliability and robustness of their laptops, as well as their price-to-feature ratio. 

Dell is not only a popular brand with great deals but is also a trusted one. In addition to Dell’s best quality, Acer is also a viable alternative in pricing and innovation. Overall, Dell has higher quality and better performance.

Is Dell better than Acer?

It is no question that Dell is the one to go for if you are serious about gaming. The Alienware gaming series is by far the best choice in this regard. 

You should also consider Dell if you want reliable customer support. If you experience any issues with the product, the company has an excellent support system that will greatly assist you.

Is Acer better than Dell?

Acer affordability is the prime reason users prefer it over Dell. Due to its low prices and fewer manufacturing processes, Acer can offer its products for a low price. Dell laptops, for example, work with a dual-metal chassis, while Acer laptops use a single-metal chassis.

Acer laptops sell for a lower price since they have a more economical manufacturing process. They tend to have fewer features but are cheaper because of their smaller budgets for research and development.


There is a wide selection of services and products available from both companies, so it ultimately comes down to your budget and the performance you require. An affordable option would be Acer. The Dells have premium build qualities, as Acer lacks some of those features.

Compared to Acer, Dell has a better reputation and is a more popular brand. There is a higher cost associated with this option, but it also delivers more durable gadgets, a longer battery life, and a better quality display than the cheaper option.

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