Lenovo vs Acer: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

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If you’re in the market for a new laptop, most people will probably consider Lenovo or Acer. Over the past few years, Lenovo has overtaken both HP and Dell making it the most popular brand in the industry. 

Although both brands have their pros and cons, ultimately, you should choose the model that best suits your needs.  Businesspeople around the world prefer Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. 

As an alternative, Acer’s Aspire series has become a favorite among budget-minded consumers. In other words, each brand excels at different things. When deciding between these two brands, which would you choose? Now let’s see which one is better by closely examining each of them.

About Acer

Acer, founded in 1976, manufactures highly sophisticated laptop computers. This Taiwan-based company has been highly rated by users for its trustworthiness. 

In addition to laptops, the company also produces and sells computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. Moreover, customer satisfaction is high among the company’s customers. They are one of the most well-known brands globally, and its laptops and PCs are renowned for their quality.

About Lenovo

Laptops from Lenovo are also elevated and available at reasonable prices. The quality of all of their products, regardless of whether they are Ideapad laptops or gaming laptops, is pretty good.

In recent years, Lenovo has become the world’s leading laptop manufacturer. Lenovo laptops are popular for many reasons, but primarily because of their high quality and reasonable price.

Many Lenovo laptop models are available at lower prices but still provide many features. They stand out from other brand laptops due to their excellent features and specifications.

Lenovo vs Acer – Head-to-Head Comparison

Overall, Lenovo makes better laptops than Acer. Lenovo is a better choice than Acer if you need a laptop that performs well and lasts for quite a while. Most people who buy Acer laptops do so because of their tight budget.

Still, there are some good things about Acer laptops. Similarly, this does not necessarily mean all Lenovo laptops are good. In general, Lenovo’s models operate more reliably and efficiently than other brands.

Acer is headquartered in Taiwan, while Lenovo is present in China. Although they’re not as big as Apple, they’re still one of the biggest companies in the world. Every company sells various products, but they are not equally worthy when deciding which one to purchase. 

Make sure you take the time to explore all of your options before making a final decision. I have compared Lenovo and Acer to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. 

Gaming Laptops

Acer comes out on top in this comparison of gaming laptops. As one of Acer’s top laptops, the Predator Triton 900 Series stands out. There is an Octa-core 9th Gen processor in this device, which operates at a turbo speed of 5.0GHz. 

There is 32GB of memory and 1TB of SSD space in this laptop. Additionally, SSDs give them a lot of storage space, making them fast and durable. A 60Hz display is the only drawback, but otherwise, it’s a great buy.

Besides, you can also consider cheaper alternatives for gaming, such as Helios 300 and Triton 700. The Helios 300 offers a 144 Hz display and a 3ms response time. Acer makes cheap gaming laptops, whereas Lenovo makes gaming laptops that are more costly. 

So, if you can spend a lot of money and want high-performance laptops, you can try Lenovo. Lenovo’s best-selling gaming laptop is the IdeaPad L340. On the whole, Acer offers a more powerful gaming laptop.

Business Laptops

The laptops made by Acer and Lenovo are excellent business laptops. Lenovo would, however, be a better selection as a business laptop in this instance. 

Since business laptops are more efficient and portable, they are typically more expensive than regular laptops. Laptops from Lenovo that come in the ThinkPad and Yoga line provide mobility, flexibility, and lightweight design. 

These laptops will be useful for professionals who travel a lot. Lenovo laptops are ideal for creative professionals thanks to their powerful graphics capabilities and advanced features.

Studying Laptops

Students are better off choosing Acer laptops than other brands. Laptops from Acer can handle the most demanding applications you may need during your studies or other activities. The Acer laptop line can be a better option than the Lenovo laptop line if you want a laptop, you can use every day. 

Lenovo laptops are more expensive, but they are also more extensive than Acer laptops. If you intend to use the laptop mainly for basic tasks, you should spend less money on an Acer laptop.

Budget laptops

The cost of a laptop is the primary concern of most buyers. There is nothing worse than being taken advantage of or not getting our favorite deals. It is not possible to tell whether a deal is good or not unless you put the price in the context of what you get. 

When it comes to standard laptops, Lenovo products tend to cost more than Acer. On the other hand, Lenovo tends to make better quality machines and last longer than Acer machines. The decision comes down to whether you are more concerned about the price or the functionality. 

You can choose from options from both companies, and they are both priced in the midrange. As a result, both of these companies offer comparable prices and are competitive enough to allow you to choose one over the other.


The design of Lenovo products is impressive. The Acer model lineup also has a few models that look better than the others. The design isn’t great; however, Acer aims to appeal to people who don’t care much about the design of their laptop, so it’s still a good laptop, despite its simple design. 

However, Chromebooks from Acer are an exception since they’re nice-looking. Besides, Lenovo’s ThinkPad series, which has a traditional shape, is also the company’s most popular product. 

The convertible laptops offered by Lenovo currently set the standard for quality and innovation in the market. Yoga is an excellent example of this trend, allowing 2-in-1 laptops to reach new levels.

Build Quality & Hardware

Business people and travelers need to have laptops built to a high standard. An excellent example of a high-quality design and build is the Acer Swift 3x. Acer Swift 3x laptops are known for their light designs and portability. 

It is a great option for students on the go and professionals. In addition to a backlit keyboard, the Swift 3x also has a fingerprint reader. As well as excellent battery life, it also offers good performance. 

Despite its benefits, it does have some drawbacks. In comparison to other Acer laptops, the Swift 3x is quite expensive. However, purchasing a Lenovo laptop is generally more expensive than an Acer laptop.

Despite their middle to high-range price tags, Lenovo laptops are also solidly built. An excellent laptop built well and has excellent durability is the Lenovo Yoga C740-14. Additionally, it has a touchscreen and fingerprint scanner.

The Yoga C740 combines tablet-to-laptop functionality with an iCarp pen, perfect for creative workers and business travelers. The Yoga C740 is a laptop that travelers can use while traveling to access their important files. 

Aside from the Lenovo Yoga laptops, Lenovo makes several other laptops with similar features, solid construction, and different hardware configurations. The two companies offer similar products as far as hardware and build quality.


Choosing a laptop isn’t as much about design or ergonomics as it is about performance. Lenovo has a reputation for being one of the best brands you can buy in terms of performance. 

Generally speaking, Acer and Lenovo’s performance is not much different. Although they are not the cheapest, these laptops offer good value for money. In the past, Acer was considered inferior, but not anymore.

There are many high-performance laptops available from Acer for a smaller price than the competition. Predator Triton 500 laptops, for instance, come equipped with a high-resolution screen and extremely powerful processing.

The Predator Triton 500 is mighty and can handle even the most complex games. Thus, the Triton 500 is one of the best gaming laptops. Media editors and artists may also benefit from this device.

The Triton 500 is not as light as some other laptops despite the thin design. Acer’s Predator, for example, is heavy despite having excellent performance. Gaming laptops such as the Triton 500 are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

On the other hand, Lenovo laptops also have a strong reputation for high-quality performance. Gaming laptops such as the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i are among Lenovo’s best. 

Lenovo’s IdeaPad 3i comes with a 15.6-inch screen and an Intel Core i5-10300H processor, making it well suited for playing games, watching movies, and editing photos.

The IdeaPad 3i is designed specifically for gamers, making it durable and capable of dealing with various situations. Additionally, it is more affordable than many other gaming laptops, making it a great option for budget-conscious gamers.


While Lenovo’s ThinkPad has a reputation for being indestructible, its reputation has evolved over the years. Lenovo laptops typically have roll cages to protect the internal components from drops and shocks. 

Some Lenovo laptops have a spill tray beneath them, protecting the motherboard from spills. The Acer laptops tend to last for a good long while. 

Besides, Lenovo laptops are significantly less expensive than many other brands, so you cannot compare them to durability. Less expensive products tend to break down sooner. Lenovo high-end laptops, however, are just as robust as Acer laptops.

Customer Service & Warranty

The quality of service that customers can expect from Acer and Lenovo is decent, if not excellent. In general, if you need to contact them about your product, you can normally reach them by phone or through the web. 

The overall customer service score of Lenovo was a little higher than that of Acer. Besides, Lenovo offers a better warranty program than Acer when it comes to warranty coverage. 

 Hardware from Acer comes with a one-year warranty, and the software comes with a 90-day warranty. In comparison, Lenovo offers a warranty of two years on most products as soon as they are purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Acer or Lenovo?

Even though Acer and Lenovo are close, it will be difficult to compare them. They both offer high-quality laptops with great features. In terms of price, they are similar. However, Acer offers a significantly lower price. Acer is, therefore, a better choice than Lenovo.

Is Acer better than Lenovo?

The price and performance of Acer are better than Lenovo’s. Among the many things that distinguish this brand is their superior laptops. It is the best option for someone on a budget. Acer makes innovative laptops that are unique in their designs.

Is Lenovo better than Acer?

Compared with Acer laptops, Lenovo laptops have a ton of great features. Every Lenovo product has something unique about it. Another fine feature of Lenovo laptops is their quality. They are built to last, so you can easily use them for years to come.


There are high-quality laptops from both Lenovo and Acer. It will therefore depend on your needs as to which brand is best. Lenovo laptops have historically been the strongest and most durable. 

Lenovo’s Legion 5 is one of the best in terms of gaming laptops. Lenovo gaming laptops have high-performance graphics and excellent graphics. In addition, they are perfect for laptop users who spend a lot of time on their computers. 

They are reliable, durable, and perform well. There’s only one problem with these premium Lenovo laptops: they’re pricey, making them unaffordable for the average consumer. So, the price of Lenovo laptops is generally higher than that of Acer laptops for high-end laptops. 

However, you should keep in mind that pricing is dependent on the model and age of the laptop. Even though Acer’s laptop technology is below Lenovo’s, they are still very good. Overall, buying either brand is a good decision.

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