Alienware vs Asus: Which is a Better Laptop Brand?

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The computer market has become cluttered with many renowned brands. More importantly, these brands compete with each other so vigorously that you might get confused in choosing one at random. 

Such two brands are Alienware and Asus. These two brands are renowned for producing magnificent computers and accessories in the market. 

We did a study between their products, usage, compatibility, and pricing. One brand tends to surpass the other in terms of its characteristics. This gave an attractive cover of the Alienware and Asus overall brand comparison.

Hopefully, our research and verdicts will clarify your perceptions regarding model diversification, reasonable pricing, updates, and their overall buildups.

Short Background of Alienware and Asus

Alienware and Asus are two of the top brands in the world. Their laptops, as well as PCs, are accepted by a vast number of people. And more importantly, their number is increasing day by day. 

Before you go on to have a precise comparison of Alienware Vs Asus, you need to have a good and precise idea about them. Concluding one without knowing about the other will bring you no good.

So, here we go with some of the unique facts and information about Alienware and Asus. 

About Alienware

Alienware is a laptop, desktop, and peripheral company. Its parent company is Dell, one of the most popular computer brands globally.

The main focus of Dell Technologies mainly focused on gaming advancement. Thus, they brought Alienware as a branch of Dell and issued all their gaming technologies through them. 

When Alienware was first introduced, it nearly shook the market. You must be wondering what went on to be the breakthrough. Be it the marketing or the latest innovation; it surpassed most of the giants in the market. 

Even today, their gaming laptops have been so popular that most gamers recommend them. Our team has used their laptops and opined them as one of the fastest and most feasible in the current scenario. 

Yes, they are pricey. From the current perspective, their prices are comparatively high. But then again, the service and features you are getting from the brand cannot be differentiated from the price.

The outlook of Alienware accessories and computers is unique. Only Alienware can develop such innovation that comprises the brand’s gaming innovation, fast running feature, feasible handling, and attractive logo.

If you know the brand, you can identify any of its accessories from a long distance without any hassle. You get to swap the components feasibly. 

Who doesn’t like their computer customize in their manner? Yes, Alienware assures you to make your dream setup without terms and conditions. Just choose the components and build them in your way. 

Won’t be enough said about the performance of the brand. It is made to make everything on the computer, game, video editing, photo editing, etc., smoother than ever. You can call it the flash of the computer world. 

About Asus

Asus itself is a company known for its computer essentials. The motherboards, graphics cards, routers, desktops, laptops, etc. market is entirely dominated by Asus. 

Starting from 1989, they have been maintaining the flow and trend of the people. Their primary focus has always been to make the best computer component the others. And they have entirely succeeded in that. 

From using their motherboards to building the whole computer peripherals of the brand, Asus has come a long way. Their innovation, technology, and updates are still prevailing for all their users. 

Hardly there has been an issue regarding the backdating of their system. Their gaming laptops are primarily used and adapted by people worldwide, whether the price or the features; everything satisfies a general person’s requirements.

This feasibility and favoritism by the people have expanded their brand worldwide. And you cannot count how many products and their models have already been produced. 

The Asus gaming laptops, especially the Asus ROG and TUF series, have not only cleared our doubts but also exceeded our expectations.

It runs so fast that you can use it for hours without lag or hangs. Games get more FPS than they are supposed to get on a laptop, and editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro runs super smooth. 

Be it the monitor or the laptop screen, the resolution and refresh rate is perfect for any work. It got different modes for gaming, movie, working, reading, etc. 

These modes keep Asus entirely on top of those who haven’t advanced like them. Yes, you’ll get such features in different other brands, but the quality is the one that separates Asus and others. 

If you assume that Asus is only preferable for gaming, you are wrong. Asus was never targeted for being in a single sector. They are highly expanded in different offices, and other institutions are entirely focused on serving them beyond their expectation. 

Alienware vs Asus: Who Vanquishes the Throne?

Asus is a more feasible, popular, and better brand than Alienware. Alienware, just a manufacturing brand of Dell, couldn’t dominate and expand the market as Asus did. 

Pricing became a significant factor in their position in the market. Asus has been producing some great laptops, desktops, and other accessories at a constant and moderate price for a long time. 

On the other hand, Alienware laptops set the price relatively high with high innovation and confined most updated technology. This makes them unaffordable for most people, and Asus becomes their priority on that platform. 

But talking about technology and feature implementation, Alienware never goes behind. Again, many laptops and desktops of Asus such as ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 are of high-end hardware by feature and model, which makes them competitive with Alienware.

Let’s see some comparisons among the services and features of Asus and Alienware laptops and other innovations.

Categorizing their specialty on different features, we detail the laptop features to you to help you decide which one is better –


Going straight to the price, Asus wins the battle against Alienware. The price of the Alienware laptop satisfies their longevity and upgradability, but considering a wide range of implementation of components to the laptop, Asus is a cheaper option than Alienware. 

Overall, you can go for ASUS TUF Gaming F17 if you are confined to your budget and needs. Even if you need to go for higher specs, the other Asus models like ASUS ROG Strix G15 will sum you up. 

Some Alienware laptops like Alienware m15 are good to go on a decent budget. Obviously, it is way much more than Asus one. But within that budget, this laptop is highly recommended.

Battery Life

Battery life is significant for gaming or other technical work. Disrupting your work in the middle might even pour water into your whole effort. Priority for battery life becomes a must then. 

You can get battery capacity for 8-12 hours with ASUS ExpertBook B9. Other mid-tier spec laptops consume less power, allowing you to use them for a longer time. But, the running time for high-end specs varies as they consume more power than usual ones. 

This concludes by saying that Alienware also consumes a lot of battery life because of the high-end components, they require more power than usual.

The Alienware Area 51M 90Wh battery can last for about 2-3 hours. But their fast-charging feature allows you to regain your prevailing work on time. 

So, even for battery backup, Asus has led the race till now, but they are behind in fast charging than Alienware.

Upgrading the Components

You might feel the urge to upgrade your laptop components such as RAM or SSD after a specific time. Obviously, who doesn’t want the latest component in their laptop? 

In this regard, you are getting more comprehensive feasibility from Alienware than Asus. Because Alienware Area 51M laptops allow you to upgrade the whole system without any condition, be it GPU, motherboards, RAM, etc., you can replace them anytime.

This is where the Asus Rog Zephyrus lags. You can upgrade specific components of the Asus laptop, too, of some models only. 

So, if you intend to upgrade your device in the future, it is wiser to go for Alienware with some extra bucks.

Otherwise, you have to remain enclosed with your current Asus laptop and replace it with a new one of a new model Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU in the future.


You can get the best displays from both brands. Most Alienware laptops are made for gaming enhancements. Thus, it defaults to have a high refresh rate starting from 144hz to 360hz in Alienware Area 51 series laptops. 

On the other hand, Asus provides you with displays from all ranges. Based on your needs, you can avail of your desired one at a suitable price, which you cannot have in Alienware. 

For example, ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 provides you 120 Hz display at a higher price than many others. Its main focus is not games, but all other computer works.

On the other hand, you are availing of Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 with a 300hz display, fully focused on your gaming enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Asus laptops better than Alienware laptops?

Asus laptops are preferred and better than most Alienware laptops in terms of efficiency. Not only do Asus laptops run for more hours, but their price rationality seems fair in terms of demands and models.

Which is the better brand, Asus or Alienware?

Setting a confined budget and looking for a gaming laptop, you’ll mostly find Asus preferable to Alienware. You might not need the extra features Alienware has been providing. So, Asus paves the way for you.

But overall, both Asus and Alienware laptops are best for gaming. Alienware has a good reputation for providing outstanding high-end components. Whereas, we have seen Asus coming with a wide range of laptops from low tier to high tier.

Why is Alienware so pricey?

Every computer of the Alienware is of high-end components. The configuration and build quality they provide are outstanding. In short, it is a gaming machine that costs much higher than any other brand comparatively. 

Final Words

We are pretty done with the verdict that Asus is well-suited, reasonable, and more realistic than Alienware as a brand. Their component diversification is broader than Alienware too.

Hardly any brand can match the components Alienware includes in their builds. You can never look down at the Nvidia graphics card and CPU you’ll be getting in the Alienware laptops. Their recent update has shaken the market and has already started dominating. Before you go on to buy, you must set your priority and purpose in choosing one among Alienware or Asus. From an overall and people’s point of view, we had to go with Asus.

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