Lenovo vs HP: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

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Buying a laptop, especially choosing the best one for you from the two compatible options, is pretty daunting, to be honest. You need to know detailed info about them, their features, battery life, and mostly, their performance.

For years, Lenovo vs HP has been the most debatable topic amongst every person who is connected to any type of work, study, game, or other tech activities. They both are amazing in their own way, and their attributes are truly outstanding.

In this article, we’ll look into every nook and cranny of these two laptops, along with the characteristics for a better understanding. The design, performance, build quality, innovation, and prices are different and unique for both brands.

After reading the whole write-up, we believe you’ll be able to choose one that’ll fulfill all your requirements. 

Short Background of Both Brands

Before digging into the comparison part, you must know the background of HP and Lenovo laptops. It’ll give you an in-depth understanding.

About HP Laptops

HP is always considered the father of personal computers. It was founded back in 1939 and offered a wide range of PCs equipment till the mid-80s. First of all, the brand was all about high-end PCs, but then they launched other peripherals.

You may think about how the laptops looked back in the 1980s and 1990s, yes, they looked different, but you got to admit that this brand has made an immense contribution in shaping today’s laptop market.

By the way, the first release of the HP was HP110 with a decent memory capacity that was around 272 kilobytes (1/10000th gigabytes). 

Coming to global achievements, since 1984 HP brand only sold laptops. After that, they started making devices for all the users around the world and made sure to add HP Chromebook for the students and gaming laptops for the gamers.

Right now (as of 2020), they hold a massive 21.2% share of the global laptop market. That’s a praiseworthy achievement we all have to admit.

About Lenovo Laptops

For the Lenovo laptop, reliability is an essential part. This brand was founded back in 2004 in Hong Kong that now has a major 24.9% share in the global market. This is surely more than HP (just saying). 

And they’re fairly new if you compare them with HP laptops. 

With 57,000 employees in 60 countries, Lenovo laptops achieved extreme fame and popularity worldwide. You’ll be amazed to know that it was 2005 when the brand launched their super IBM’s personal computers. Since then, they’re progressed every day.

IBM’s new addition got them to dominate the whole laptop market while competing against HP, Apple, and Dell laptops.

And, as we mentioned previously, Lenovo laptops are famous for their reliability. They also have a reputation for the durability and built quality of their consumer laptops.

On top of that, you can get a long battery life, including astonishing performance all in one!

HP vs Lenovo: Which Brand is Better?

For great value for money, Lenovo is an excellent choice. Within budget, you’ll be able to perform every work effortlessly. Plus, Lenovo laptops are super lightweight, so it’s convenient for students, employees, and everyone.

However, HP is great with other components but they’re a bit pricy. So, if you think you want a budget-friendly laptop with amazing specs, go for Lenovo undoubtedly.

Now, in HP, you can install any game and play them fluently regardless of specs. At the same time, Lenovo Legion competes for that. Not that all Lenovo laptops are great for gaming, but Legion beats it.

HP has the most premium quality design with different color combinations, whereas Lenovo is all good with the mixed look of a gaming and business laptop. Both are fine ones, but HP is more durable.

Then, both of them have convertible laptops which you can carry anywhere, but Lenovo is one step ahead. As their laptops are more lightweight, they’re more suitable for business trips or field working purposes.

Multitasking is amazing on both devices. No matter which one your eye catches, a bit of a high-budget model will be great as a multitasker.

So we can say if you’re a person who likes to take heavy work pressure and play games often, go for HP. And if you think you need a portable device that’s budget-friendly, get Lenovo.

Lenovo vs HP: In-Depth Comparison

Both brands, Lenovo and HP laptops series have multiple options for the users. The different model offers different initiative, and it depends on you what type of outcome from your device you want. 

Now, let’s dive deeper. 


Firstly, we want to say that no brand’s performance can be labeled as the best one. 

Both Lenovo and HP laptops are made with customers’ utmost satisfaction and feedback in mind. They’re both performance-orientated laptop brands, offering great quality.

The amazing thing about Lenovo is that it has different models to meet any of your needs. Every device is worth it, from business laptops to gaming laptops and budget laptops to popular laptops.

The interesting fact is that Lenovo Legion laptops are specially made for gaming, and they’re super affordable – for example, Lenovo Legion 5.

You’ll be able to multitask here with the quickest control. Games like Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, and many more will be smooth like butter!

Well, these don’t make the HP laptops any less. In HP, there’s Elitebook and Pavilion series which makes multitasking seem like a piece of cake.HP offers excellent devices like HP Envy x360 for photo and video editing. 

In summary, Lenovo and HP are great laptops that can give you solid performance. They’re both top in the multitasking part and have their strengths!


Coming to the design part of Lenovo and HP laptops, they have a unique collection. For the best design in the Lenovo series, Legion laptops are at the top.

The design here has both gaming laptop and business laptop looks. You can easily sneak it to your business trip meeting room or use it silently in the corner of your house for gaming purposes!

You’ll also be shocked to find out that the Lenovo Yoga 720 looks like Chromebook C630 for the thin and light laptop mode. Plus, the Yoga Book C930 is 0.4 inches thick, which you can easily put into your backpack and leave.

However, the mid-range Lenovo laptops are actually not as perfect as the previous ones. For example, the lid of the V330 is pretty weak to get scratched and damaged easily.

For the alignment, Flex 11″ doesn’t do it properly, and the Ideapad 530s has a shaky toucHPad. But these cons actually don’t matter as these laptops cost less than $500. 

For all of you who are really obsessed with premium design and quality, HP laptops surely offer you that. 

One of the best laptops with golden accents and aluminum chassis is the HP Spectre x360. If golden isn’t your vibe, there’s blue and ash gray. You’ll get an amazing copper finish on this laptop if you like this feature.

Then again, zBook is here with the chamfered rear edges to protect you from any type of unwanted situation.

Well, HP didn’t limit their design to only laptops. They made Chromebooks with some extraordinary soothing traits. You may not like the workstations of these Chromebooks as they’re kind of heavy. Still, the bold silver combination makes it aesthetic. They’re pretty durable too – for example, HP Chromebook X360.

If you’re more of a looks-focused person, you can choose Lenovo laptops but if you love looks with durability, go for HP laptops!

Build Quality

You should always focus on the hardware part similar to the software part of any laptop.

Starting with Lenovo, the brand’s monitors are great in many ways. You’ll get an excellent resolution with the perfect monitor size, and no doubt that everything will be crisp, vivid, and pleasing to your eyes.

However, the screen will remain matte (not glossy at all), and sometimes it reflects light.

Then again, the Ideapad series are super durable, highly built, and made to ease eyes with an anti-glare green screen (to keep your eyes calm and healthy). Plus, the ergonomic toucHPad strains your wrist smoothly. Overall, for several hours of work, Lenovo laptops tend to be the best!

Coming to HP, it’s undoubtedly expensive, but if you get a good one, you can use it for ages.

HP laptops are considered the most reliable and solid ones which you can get at any price. For example, HP Omen 15 is one of the flagships which is designed for gaming (you can guess how well built it can be) with a 15.6-inch screen. You’ll also get a superior resolution of 1920x1080P, which is highly praiseworthy.

So, overall, you can say HP stands out a step ahead of Lenovo in build quality.


When it comes to being the mastermind of innovation, Lenovo tops the chart. They have innovative folding variations, ultra-light yet high-end built. 

You can take Yoga Book C940 is a fantastic example from Lenovo. It’s a fantastic device with a touchscreen display. You can easily turn it into a convertible laptop and directly use it as a touchscreen device. 

Besides, you can alter it into an e-reader to take notes, draw, and basically do all the university or educational work. Take notes quickly of your office meeting too with this easy-going feature.

The above reasons are enough to call Lenovo one of the innovative minds playing in the tech field.

Of these two laptop brands, HP is more traditional and has had standard designs for years. They, too, can be transformed into convertible laptops.

For example, if you think about HP Zbook, it’s pretty good. You can handle all the workloads with superior speed, processing power, and FHD display.

HP laptops tend to include the SureCreen Views for your tired eyes, and the Pavilion x360 laptop has an outstanding Webcam.

To summarize, both HP and Lenovo got different innovations, and it actually depends on you which one to go for!

Gaming Laptops

If you’re a gamer, you must be looking for a laptop with extreme speed and amazing graphics. HP users can relate to this highly as this brand is required for the uttermost gaming purposes. 

But the question remains. Is HP or Lenovo better for gaming?

Despite being extravagant, HP can actually run all the top-tier modern games without any type of bug or glitch. The HP Omen 16 is basically the best laptop with long battery life and amazing graphics performance. 

The fact is, this one’s more expensive than the Lenovo gaming laptops but has NVIDIA GeForce RTX 6GB impressive graphics card and FHD IPS 144Hz display, which is totally worth it.

Now, if you want an affordable gaming laptop for some casual games, go for the Lenovo Ideapad 3i. It’s good but not the best like the HP. Some games may not play here smoothly as well!

The one that can go head-to-head against HP’s gaming laptops is the Lenovo Legion series. For example, Lenovo Legion 5 features a 15.6″ FHD display and NVIDIA GeForce RTX for better graphics and visibility. 

So, we can’t say there’s an exact winner, but since HP is ruling the industry for a longer period, you can count on its reliability and performance.

Business Laptops

Now let’s talk about some business laptops. 

So, for business purposes, convertible laptops are the best for most users. Lenovo offers exactly that with a variety of options.

From them, Lenovo Flex 5 offers 10 hours of battery life and costs around $700, which can be considered an affordable laptop. Also, it’s lightweight and portable for people who are always in a hurry. 

There’s another business laptop, Lenovo Yoga C740 2020, which is great for multitasking. And multitasking is the key to a successful business outcome, don’t you think?

On the other side, HP laptops also have good business laptops like Elitebook 840. The unique traits here are the fingerprint and 16GB Ram. You can work on multiple sites, run various apps, and switch between tabs pretty smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, HP or Lenovo?

Both of the brands are unique in their own way. They have excellent processors, performance, battery life, and design making HP a better brand.

Is HP better than Lenovo?

HP laptops are portable, flexible, can take much pressure, and has a great battery. Also, the premium design and durability of HP’s budget laptops beat Lenovo.

Is Lenovo better than HP?

Lenovo is better than HP in its innovation. They have ultra-light quality, can turn into an e-reader, are lightweight, and have well-built quality. Lenovo offers the best customer service too for everyone.


That’s the finale of our debate about Lenovo vs HP. For us, both devices are extraordinary with their features as every year each brand tries to improve or launch a new laptop model with the latest technologies.

Of course, HP will be the best decision for students or workaholic people as it can take much more pressure than Lenovo. It has some budget-friendly costs for people who want to keep low maintenance and some super expensive ones.

With premium design and extreme durability (and if you’re new to buying laptops), go for HP with your eyes closed!

Therefore, Lenovo is also a great option, but totally depends on your preference!

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