MSI vs Alienware: Which Brand Rules the Gaming Industry?

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As a gamer, it’s effortless to find a good gaming laptop, but what about the best one without breaking the bank? Finding the right laptop is quite challenging because several brands play in this segment offering lots of options to pick from.

And since it’s specifically focused on gaming, MSI and Alienware are the two brands you’ll stumble upon on your shortlist.

Usually, a good gaming laptop requires a lot of features: a good display size, processor, RAM, resolution, refresh rate, CPU, GPU, memory storage, design ports, and inputs. 

Drop your concerns because we’re here to give you an in-detailed comparison of MSI vs Alienware after analyzing all aspects. So, you can choose your desired gaming laptop from them.

Short Background about MSI and Alienware

Backgrounds are always meant to offer a bit of insight into the history, right? Let’s take a tour of these brands’ backgrounds.

About MSI 

The full name of MSI is Micro-Star International Co. It’s a Taiwanese international information technology business based in New Taipei City. Some people used to think it was a Chinese company, but actually, it’s a Taiwanese company. In 1986, MSI began its journey.

MSI is a well-known brand that offers a wide selection of gaming laptops. When you’re a casual gamer looking for adventure, this brand will adore all the little extras to make your gaming experience even better.

The gaming laptops from MSI are well-known and have a lot of amazing gaming features. These little extras are guaranteed to be a hit with any gamer looking to have a good time while they play.

It’s a major company with offices worldwide. In fact, their manufacturing has spread all over the world. However, most of their products are still manufactured in Taiwan or China and are also built abroad.

With sophisticated hardware and flashing peripherals, they were the ones who set the tone for computer gaming. However, they’ve recently gained recognition and sponsored some successful eSports teams.

MSI climbed out of the double digits and into the top five laptop manufacturers. Gaming laptops have not only been upgraded but also enlarged and reworked by the company.

The gaming laptops from MSI are well-known and have a lot going for them. These little extras are guaranteed to be a hit with any gamer looking to have a good time while they play.

About Alienware

Alienware is a subsidiary of the giant tech player, Dell, based in the United States, and founded back in 1996. Their product line focuses on gaming computers, distinguished by their alien-themed looks.

Alienware is a no-brainer if you’re into high-end gaming, need a lot of processing power, or want a lot of storage. Furthermore, Alienware products are better suited to Windows users ready to put up with a little extra work.

It’s a well-known brand, particularly among gamers and multimedia developers. With its colorful, high-tech designs, some could claim the brand offers all the capabilities that a gaming laptop should have.

When choosing between Alienware and other gaming manufacturers, users are amazed to see the price.

Alienware goods are known for their out-of-this-world looks. Many people are taken aback by the texture and fully-customizable RGB lights. They also use cutting-edge technology, emphasizing speed, strength, and performance. All of these elements contribute to an enjoyable gaming session.

MSI vs Alienware: Which Brand is Better? 

Although it’s difficult to say whether MSI or Alienware is superior in specs, Alienware focuses more on desktop models than MSI.

However, both MSI and Alienware provide great gaming PCs, but Alienware is the best pick if you have an unlimited budget and your top priority is high-end gaming performance. They’re regarded as one of the best brands on the market if you ignore the cost.

In addition, depending on budget and price, MSI will always pursue Alienware because MSI offers laptops at affordable price tags with high-end specifications. Moreover, MSI’s models are equipped with either NVIDIA GTX or RTX GPUs to ensure crisp visuals.

While it’s difficult to say whether Alienware or MSI is better in terms of specs, we can at least draw some conclusions. A desktop computer would make sense for Alienware’s most powerful model because they focus more on desktops than MSI. 

The laptop’s size, bulkiness, and overall weight are also a fact – when it comes to all of that, MSI laptops can’t compete with Alienware.

The black and red color scheme used to be the only physical differentiating feature of an MSI gaming laptop. Other than that, there’s no major difference between MSI and mainstream laptops in terms of design. 

But nowadays, MSI is working on it, like metallic black, flashy yellow keyboards, etc. Overall, if you want a solid winner for aesthetics, Alienware can be the right deal. 

MSI vs Alienware: In-Depth Comparison

MSI and Alienware are among the most popular gaming laptop manufacturers in the world. Though both of them have a bunch of similarities, here we’re just comparing them from a different angle so that you can make the best decision on which one you should buy.

Gaming Laptops

MSI and Alienware are different companies that are totally focused on gaming. While gaming computers are typically excellent at various tasks, they’re always built to run the latest computer games in mind.

Both MSI and Alienware are pretty similar and will beat any non-gaming computer brand in terms of overall performance.

It’s impossible to compare the two and decide who has the superior gaming pedigree. Computer gaming is an extensive hobby that covers everything from online board games to whole virtual reality realms.

The MSI GE76 Raider, a 17-inch gaming laptop, is MSI’s latest and finest product. With a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU and an Intel Core i7 12th Gen processor, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.

But some MSI laptops may outperform some Alienware laptops and vice versa. In this case, the computer model and games played will be more important factors than the company itself.

If you want some honorable recommendations for gaming, you can go with Alienware m15 R6 and MSI GF65. Live up to the fullest of your gaming experience. 

Business Laptops

MSI is best known for its gaming hardware, but the company is now pushing into a new market that is business-class laptops with a “Business and Productivity” product line targeted at corporations and working professionals.

So, you can use MSI for business usage, for example, MSI Modern 15 Thin. 

On the other hand, the Alienware series laptops are well-known for their gaming capabilities. Alienware’s performance depends on its build quality and the high cost of its gaming features. Moreover, Alienware is also known for its weighty look.

You can absolutely utilize Alienware if your project includes producing or testing computer games. And to recommend, you can go with Alienware m17 R4. It’s a full-fledged device and geared with top-of-the-line ingredients. 

Overall, you should use MSI or other brand laptops for business purposes, which are lightweight and best for general office work. But Alienware? Not recommended.

Budget Laptops

Most people ask, “Is MSI cheaper than Alienware?” Because for most people, the laptop’s price is undoubtedly a crucial factor. 

When it comes to pricing, Alienware has a reputation for being one of the most costly brands on the laptop market. Their entry-level laptops are also more expensive than other comparable machines, but there are no significant differences in specs.

If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget and don’t want to spend more than $1,500, it won’t be your best choice. For this purpose, MSI offers a significantly budget-friendly pricing range, for example, MSI Sealth 15M, MSI GL 66, etc. 

Again, it doesn’t mean MSI implements cheap ingredients because of the lower pricing. They’re solid with what they offer. 

Overall, you can grab MSI laptops without breaking the bank.


Aesthetic look matters, whether it’s a device or a dress. In terms of design, both Alienware and MSI have a classy look. They have stylish metallic frames and many RGB components to improve your gaming experience. 

MSI has followed the footsteps of Alienware, which was one of the first firms to embrace the colorful gaming experience with better storage space.

MSI’s gaming laptop is powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super GPU. It may be used as a desktop replacement and provides stunning on-screen images thanks to its sharp 15.6-inch display and blazingly fast 300Hz refresh rate.

Both companies’ PCs offer a multitude of colorful and modern-looking devices that will appeal to the passionate gamer. In terms of appearance, neither company actually outranks the other.

Alienware gaming laptops were the first to do it if it matters anything to you, but MSI is also trying out new designs day by day, such as the CUK Crosshair 15.

Alienware laptops produce some of the most visually appealing laptops on the market, and they may have exceeded themselves in recent years, for example, Alienware x17 R1.

Alienware’s laptops were one of the first companies to develop the multicolored, gleaming keyboard, which is found on all gaming laptops today. Its dark and metallic appearance is the signature style of this laptop brand. There’s no way to deny that the alien logo is awesome too.

Unlike Alienware laptops, MSI laptops also have an aesthetic design. The basic black design of the MSI laptop is undeniably the best gaming laptop. 

The MSI laptop raised its game in this segment with the release of the MSI GE66 Raider in 2020. It featured a colorful keyboard with fascinating aurora lighting.

Hardware and Build Quality

Alienware and MSI use high-end gears like GPU, CPU, ram, etc. When it comes to outfitting their machines, they can provide a smooth gaming experience. 

These two companies are committed to perfection, and their products uphold the latest Intel processors or any other recent components they can get their hands on. 

The greatest graphics card, the most powerful RAM, good battery life, and the best cooling system are available in both of these brands’ laptops. To name a few, Alienware Area 51m, Alienware m17 R4, MSI G75 Stealth, MSI GE75 will top the chart.

However, both companies provide Intel and AMD alternatives, as well as a variety of GPU units ranging from mid-range to high-end to compete in the gaming world.

Laptops from MSI are built to last and can survive mild drops. They’re well-built, but they’re a bit on the pricey side for what you get. It’s a fantastic laptop in every way.

On the other hand, out-of-box thermals are the most common issue with Alienware laptops. But, they are the best-built and offer good value for money if they are on sale. 

Again, people who used to ask, “Is Alienware still the best?” For them, the answer is yes. 

Because the construction quality of Alienware is the best, though it’ll vary on the model, in this case, MSI contains an excellent build quality compared to hardware.


Alienware is mainly well-known for providing supreme performance. They use the finest materials and components to withstand any tasks you assign. 

As a result, Alienware laptops are ideal for photo editing, video editing, and not to mention, superior gaming facilities. The bigger screen and battery power add more juice to the performance, for example, Alienware x17 R1.

In addition, the brand’s laptops have up to three times the response time of other gaming laptop brands. This means Alienware computers can start up quickly, which is essential for gaming.

On the other hand, MSI doesn’t really fall behind in performance. MSI’s dedicated Gaming Series laptops are a great example of the company’s best work in recent years. 

Gaming laptops are massive in numbers, but there are also a number of models that will appeal to those who simply want a powerful portable

This brand is also gearing its laptops with all top gears available, such as the latest Intel or AMD processors, GPU, CPU, you name it. And a device like that is MSI GS76. It packs a 17.3-inch 4k display, i9 processor, 2TB SSD, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: MSI or Alienware?

Alienware laptops feature a high-quality build and a beautiful design, and they beat their competition in terms of performance.

As a result, if you prioritize quality and performance over money, Alienware laptops are the ideal option over MSI. But go for MSI if budget is your concern along with performance.

Is MSI better than Alienware?

In addition to being a top laptop brand, MSI is also a world leader in gaming laptops. Because MSI is known in the gaming community, a large number of people use their devices. So, in that sense, MSI is better than Alienware when it’s about a budget-friendly yet solid pick.

Is Alienware better than MSI?

Alienware is better in terms of providing a premium experience and an eye-catching look along with superior gaming performance. On the other hand, MSI doesn’t fulfill its share of premiumness and performance compared to Alienware.


To conclude the debate of MSI vs Alienware, Alienware wins the jackpot in all segments, including durability, performance, gaming, and many more. 

If you want our two cents, here it is, then. 

When budget isn’t a concern, and you crave the best gaming experience possible, Alienware is the best choice. Don’t just sit on the fence. 

On the other hand, if you want to save some cash but don’t want to miss out on all the facilities, MSI is the one to go with. 

All told, everything boils down to your choices. So, weigh the pros and cons, and check the boxes of what you want and what not.

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