MSI vs Asus: Which Laptop Brand is Better?

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Many of the world’s top laptop manufacturers, including Asus and MSI, have a loyal customer base. Aside from desktops and laptops, the company also offers graphic cards and peripherals crucial to computer systems. 

How does the Asus laptop compare to the MSI laptop? Many people have different opinions when it comes to this particular question. Here is an article that will help you figure it out. Go through to find out whether you should choose Asus over MSI

About MSI

MSI, a Taiwanese manufacturer of a wide range of computer peripherals and devices, was established in 1986. As motherboards become more popular globally, MSI is now ranked third among motherboard vendors, below Asus and GIGABYTE Technology. 

Besides graphics cards and laptops, the company also makes PCs and communications devices. A key component of MSI’s marketing strategy is working closely with Intel and Nvidia.

About Asus

#1 - Best Overall Asus Laptop
ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED

Key specifications

  • Screen: 13.3” OLED FHD Touch Screen
  • CPU: Intel Evo Platform Core i7-1165G7
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
#2 - Premium Gaming Laptop
ASUS ROG Zephyrus 15.6

Key specifications

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
#3 - Great Value for Money
ASUS VivoBook S15 S533

Key specifications

  • Screen: 15.6” FHD 
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-1135G7
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD

Asus has been in the computer hardware market since 1989, and it belongs to the Taiwanese electronics industry. As a major competitor in the electronic device market, Asus does not need an introduction. 

While it has a slightly different product line than MSI, there are still similarities. They also manufacture motherboards and graphics cards in addition to laptops and tablets. Asus is so successful in everything it does has to do with its large customer base.

Many consumers are familiar with Asus products for their excellent quality. As the company has grown, they have earned the trust of many customers. Therefore, all laptop-related needs can be taken care of by Asus.

MSI vs. Asus – Head-to-Head Comparison

It is better to buy an MSI than an Asus. Asus has subpar performance when compared with MSI. This Taiwanese manufacturer is known for making ultraportable laptops with high-quality components.

As one of the best laptop brands in the world, MSI focuses on gaming as a primary product line. The company’s laptops are both powerful and exceptionally well-designed. 

There are a lot of great laptops by MSI, but among all of them, the MSI GS65 Stealth is probably the best pick for most people. The thin design of this laptop and its excellent appearance make it a great choice. 

An Intel Core i7 processor and RTX 3080 graphics provide the best performance for this laptop. Gaming performance peaked with the GS65’s high clock speed and 240hz refresh rate. Despite being expensive, this gaming laptop offers the best performance for the money.

Gaming Laptops

There are several great gaming laptops available from Asus and MSI. ASUS laptops consistently rank highly among gamers. For example, the ROG series by Asus includes the Zephyrus G15 and Strix SCAR G733

The second advantage of ASUS’s laptops is their 2-year warranty, which makes them highly reliable. Alternatively, MSI is mainly associated with gaming laptops. 

MSI has earned excellence through its high-performance laptops and motherboards. The latest gaming laptops from MSI are thin and light compared to their previous heavy and bulky models. 

You will find powerful graphics cards and fast processors with these two brands. Asus offers a wider range of products at lower prices. But, the MSI range of gaming laptops stands out as one of the best.

Studying Laptops

Despite being designed for gamers; you can also use MSI laptops for studying. Fast processing is a feature of many MSI laptops, making them ideal for students and other basic tasks. 

In contrast, ASUS offers affordable pricing and good browsing capabilities, making it a good option for students. It will be no problem for students to use the ASUS ZenBook 13 daily.

The ZenBook 13 has 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, which is more than enough memory and performance for students. It is therefore perfect for academic work. As such, instead of choosing MIS, you should select Asus laptops for students.

Business Laptops

The Asus business laptops are better than those of MSI for business use. The ASUS VivoBook, which comes with an AMD quad-core processor, is the best laptop to buy for business users if you are looking for a laptop in the midrange price range. 

In terms of a cheaper alternative, you may want to consider the VivoBook L203MA, powered by a Celeron processor. MSI also offers a few business-oriented laptops for conducting business work. 

A good example of what MSI laptops can do for business users is the GS65 Stealth laptop. Despite being portable and looking professional, I think it’s a well-designed business laptop. 

Despite the 15.6-inch display size, it is sometimes possible to run multiple web browsers simultaneously. Furthermore, it can take care of heavy business applications. Overall, Asus is your best choice over MSI for business laptops.

Budget Laptops

Depending on your budget and the model, prices will vary. Asus offers laptops at different price points depending on your need. ROG Zephyrus, for example, has a cost equivalent to $3000, and ROG 752VS is priced similarly.

Aside from that, MSI high-end laptops have a high price tag because of the latest hardware. MSI offers several models ranging in price from $800 to $ 5,000. For instance, the powerful Titan GT83 will cost you between $5,000 and $4,500, while the Stealth GS73 will cost you around $2,500.


The Asus gaming laptops are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality computer with a great design, and there are many models to choose from. The ROG series demonstrates the high level of design of Asus products.

Most laptops made by Asus look beautiful and sturdy because of their sleek chassis and user-friendly keyboards. Asus laptops also come with WASD keys to help you enjoy a better gaming experience.

Furthermore, all the company’s gaming laptops include red light keyboards for late-night gaming. All of the MSI products have top-of-the-line quality and are very durable.

Further, the appearance of MSI gaming laptops is less colorful and vibrant than Asus. Furthermore, MSI is working on making devices lighter, so MSI’s latest laptops are lighter than many of its competitors.

No matter what type of game you are into, their keyboards are simple to use and very responsive, so they are perfect for any game. Overall, Asus comes out as the best design compared to MSI.

Build Quality & Hardware

As one of the most well-known laptop manufacturers, ASUS laptops are well-built and last long. These laptops are portable and durable, ensuring a long lifespan.

For its build quality and hardware, ASUS has won numerous awards. While it has a fantastic exterior, it has a powerful interior that boasts a powerful motherboard and top-of-the-line processor.

The ROG Flow X13, for example, is an attractive laptop with impressive specifications and solid build quality. Furthermore, the laptop is lightweight and portable and has high durability. A textured grip wraps around the chassis of this laptop, making it easy to carry while also being durable. 

In addition, MSI laptops are built using pretty tough materials and can withstand minor drops. Despite its excellent build, you might find that it is a little pricey. MSI and Asus, however, both have superior hardware.


Known for its high-performance laptops, MSI is a leading manufacturer. MSI laptops also have the option of having i9 processors available on the more expensive models. 

Most of their models feature an RTX graphics card and 32GB of RAM. Several MSI laptops can run high-end games like Far Cry 5 and Red Dead Redemption. 

As for MSI laptops, they have outstanding performance. Owning a laptop like the MSI GT75 is a great thing to do. However, its bulky design is a significant downside. Despite that, the laptop is still a great purchase.

Because of its high-end performance, this laptop has powerful graphics from Nvidia RTX, along with an Intel processor and 32GB of RAM. Asus, meanwhile, has also been producing high-performance laptops.

The Asus TUF Gaming F17, for example, provides outstanding performance at an affordable cost. This device has a GTX 1650 graphics card and a Core 15-10300H processor, suitable for playing video games. When comparing performance between Asus and MSI, MSI is superior.


In terms of durability, MSI laptops are among the best. Since it has been in business for so long, it has always kept up with the latest technology trends and offered them at a fair price to its customers. 

As a result, MSI’s products are always up-to-date, ensuring that their customers have the best technology available. Due to MSI’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, their laptops are known for their high reliability and high build quality. 

It will remain scratch-free if you do not drop it on concrete. The price of an Asus laptop is definitely worth the investment. A variety of features are included on Asus laptops to meet individual needs. The MSI computer is the clear winner compared to the Asus one in terms of durability.

Customer Service & Warranty

ASUS customer service seems lacking, and this is something to consider. Customers have complained about its online support system, including its phone support capability.

If you have not registered, you cannot access online support. Similarly, contacting customer service by phone does not sound much better. The average customer waits a long time before they get to speak to a technician. If your problem requires you to send your laptop to them to examine, this may be the last chance you have to see your laptop.

However, the great thing about Asus is that its warranty usually covers two years instead of most other manufacturers offering only one year of warranty. Further, it is also nice to see MSI models featuring accidental damage protection. While other manufacturers tend not to offer this type of protection, MSI does.

They may not satisfy all clients even when they offer excellent customer support. It would be better if the phone support were available as well. Customers have said the problem of technicians not solving issues due to a lack of knowledge on the part of technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, MSI or Asus?

Every brand offers a wide range of laptops that can handle various tasks. Nevertheless, MSI holds a leading position thanks to a powerful processor and high-end components. Furthermore, MSI offers a better processing performance than Asus.

Is Asus better than MSI?

If you seek an attractive laptop, the Asus has several options available. ROG Zephyrus stands out in a crowd, so I would recommend it. A gaming laptop from Asus is also a great choice if you require a high-performance laptop without breaking the bank.

Is MSI better than Asus?

When it comes to high-end technology, an MSI laptop is the best option. Their gaming laptop has excellent graphics, a great display, and one of the best keyboards available. Another reason to prefer MSI machines over Asus is that they are straightforward to upgrade.

Conclusion: Which Is Better, MSI or Asus?

These two companies both manufacture high-performance laptops suitable for handling heavy workloads. Despite this, MSI has remained the leader since it offers high-performance notebooks with high-performance processors.

In addition, MSI gaming laptops have the most advanced components; therefore, they cost more than Asus laptops. For instance, there is a significant price dissimilarity between the GT752VS by Asus and Titan GT83 by MSI.

Compared to Asus laptops, the MSI version is heavier and larger than the Asus one. For instance, the weight of MSI Titan is around ten pounds, while that of ROG Zephyrus is only five pounds. Because of this, carrying around MSI laptops can be a bit challenging.

Further, there is room for improvement in both brands’ customer service. Should you drop your laptop, you will get damage protection. Asus gaming laptops offer two-year warranties, while MSI laptops have 12-month warranties. 

Asus and MSI are both excellent brands, but MSI has the edge over Asus in the long run. I hope you have liked this MSI vs. Asus comparison. If you have any questions regarding this MSI and Asus comparison, feel free to ask in the comments.

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