Why Are Macbooks So Expensive

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No one can doubt that Apple Macbooks are wonderful devices. Many people who may not fancy using Macbooks as their first choice can still agree that they are top-tier devices that have been made easy to navigate and that those with the capability should consider them as their first choice.

I can even say that most people or a more significant percentage of people will happily use Macbooks without any regrets if it weren’t for its high price. If you take the time to compare Macbooks to Chromebooks or Windows laptops, you’ll realize that they are so much more expensive. 

But what could be the reason why Macbooks are so expensive compared to other laptops? Well, well, here are some of the reasons why you won’t find Macbooks at a lower price.

Why Are Macbooks So Expensive?

Some people are still asking, are Apple laptops costly? Well, yes, they are so expensive. This is true, especially when you take the time to compare other known brands like ASUS or Dell laptops. Most people know Macbooks to be among the top 15 inch laptops on the market. 

This will be if we’re looking at them from a particular perspective. Let’s quickly have a look at some of the current cheapest versions of MacBook you can acquire to get MacBook Air.

The cost is around £1000. It comes with 128GB of SSD storage space, an i3 processor, which most people easily criticize, and a standard 8GB of RAM. This is why some people may find it easy to criticize it rather than appreciate it.

This is just giving you a general look at the hardware that makes up a Mac and why many people most commonly criticize it. However, Apple lovers will defend this all they’ve got, and here are some of those reasons why they believe Mac’s are worth the price.

1. They Last For Ages

Anyone who has ever had a MacBook will agree with this because it’s true. If you are the type of person, who takes care of whatever they own, then your MacBook will outlast other Windows laptops out there. 

Generally, any laptop’s life span can be 3 to 5 years until you think of upgrading it. However, this will only show if you take care of it well. 

However, Macbook is different from other laptops because it’s made with a special touch, making its lifespan longer. Many people who know how to look after their Macbooks can use them 6 to 10 years after buying them, with it at any point being outdated by the rest of the market. Their long lifespan is the reason why they are so expensive.

2. Apple Has The Best Customer Service

It’s tough to dispute that Apple offers the best customer care services. The reason is that they are well organized and calculative of the services they give out to their customers. It’s no secret that out of the big brands like Hp, Lenovo, Dell, ASUS, and Acer, Apple still offers the best services by far.

In case you have a problem with your Apple laptop, it can be sorted online quickly, or you can choose to go to their shop, which is many across all major cities. You will find experts who will help you figure out any problem you might have and sort it out for you efficiently. 

It’s also true that they are a lot more helpful if you have a Mac warranty. It’s advisable to consistently and continuously invest in a four-year warranty to get the best services. But overall, Apple stands out in terms of customer care services when you compare it to the rest of the laptop market.

3. The Parts Do Cost More

It’s very unfair to start comparing Macbooks with ASUS and Acer because Macbooks have more expensive parts than other brands. Their parts are high quality, so they have to be expensive.

Even though two laptops both use 1.7GHz processors, this doesn’t qualify to say they can be compared equally. There is still a vast quality difference between them. It’s true to say that the higher the quality of the parts, the longer it lasts. 

We can also look at the MacBook Pro’s build quality, which shows it’s going to be much better than the Acer and ASUS laptop. Mac’s components are excellent, such as the high-quality retina screen, the speaker under Mac’s keyboard, and the chassis’s brilliant design and high quality. 

4. They Are in Demand

Even though people complain about how expensive Macbooks are, the reality is they are classified and well priced if you compare to the quality you get from other laptop brands. 

Although it might not be widespread in some countries, it’s true to say they are one of the highest selling laptops in the western world. 

However, the truth is that they are still miles away from Windows laptops but again offer the best parts and quality. Although they are expensive, their sales rate worldwide is decent.

Most people are also shocked that despite the new iPhones being more than £1200, they are still in high demand in the market. This is a clear indication that people will stop at nothing to make sure they get the best quality products.

5. They Are Less Likely To Get Viruses

Many people I’ve heard say that Macbooks are less likely to get viruses than other windows laptops, and of course, it’s true. Even though it’s advisable to have a professional antivirus on your Mac to assure its safety, it is still less likely to suffer malware attacks than other windows laptops.

The main reason behind this is that there are a lot fewer viruses made to attack Macbooks compared to the many meant for Windows laptops. Windows makes up 80 percent of laptops in the western world, while Macs only make up 10 percent, which clearly shows you why most malware attacks are typically aimed at windows laptops.

Another reason is that the Mac OS, which is found on the UNIX operating system, is arguably a more secure system than Windows. Even though high-end windows laptops can be fully secured and protected from malware attacks, they are still more likely to get the attacks than Macbook Pro.

6. Battery Life

If there’s one thing that many MacBook users love about it, it’s because of its long-lasting battery. With most people working from home, it somehow goes unnoticed how important their batteries are. Macs have the best battery if you are looking for a device you can carry around without fearing that it might go off. 

However, it’s unfair to give all Macbooks credit for excellent batteries and not some Windows laptops. Some Windows laptops are also made with a beautiful battery which offers you hours without thinking of plugging in your charger. But Macbooks are still much better because their batteries are just on a different level. This is mainly because they create the software and hardware themselves so they can quickly maximize battery life.

All Apple products have an excellent Battery life which makes the brand more popular among its users. Although you can also find Windows laptops with high-quality battery life, the one I’d suggest is Apple because you can rely on them for years.


Although most Apple products are expensive, many people out there would argue that they are pretty much worth every single penny. From this post, you can also notice that MacBooks can serve you for a very long time compared to other laptops because it’s made of high quality. It’s better to buy a good quality laptop at a higher price than a cheaper one, which will serve you for a much shorter time than you had anticipated.

However, you cannot argue about the fact that they are still pretty much expensive. I’d suggest you plan to buy a MacBook according to your budget and capability.

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